Is temporary letting via AirBnb allowed?

Letting via letting platforms is allowed, however it involves certain rules.

You must be the main resident and you cannot let you house to more than 4 people at the time.

If your house is for sale you can temporarily let it based on the vacancy law, you are not tied to a maximum rental period.

You can also apply for a short stay of B&B licence, so you can let your house for a longer period.


What is the minimum and maximum rental period?

We do not have a minim rental period, rental is already attractive if you are only gone for one weekend. If you want to let your house for more than 60 days, you require a B&B licence. You can easily apply for this at your council and it is free of charge.

If you have your own house that is up for sale you can let under the vacancy law. This has the following advantages:

1.     The house will not cost you any money but will make you money!

2.     The house is prevented from being vacant.

3.     A house is sold more easy when it is occupied

4.     Double charges will now be recouped, either completely or partially.

For more questions regarding the vacancy law please contact the council of Maastricht.

Why is it also better for me to have my second home in the Netherland let by webnb?

A holiday home or houseboat in the Netherlands next to your own house is considered as a second house. This will be perfectly suited for temporary letting, which generates a pleasant extra income. But be careful not to actively let your house yourself. The offering on websites, key exchange and cleaning is considered by the tax office as actively being involved with the letting. The tax office will then see the rental of your holiday home as income from work and home. This is taxed in box 1: 36.5 to 52 percent tax! By sub-contracting the rental to our webnb services and making us do the work, your house will remain in box 3 and you will only pay property tax.


What are my financial obligations as landlord?

You are legally obliged to pay tourist tax. If you annually receive more than €31,000.-  on rental revenue, you will also have to pay VAT (6%).

Tourist tax is charged for overnight stays in Maastricht to people who are not from Maastricht.


Do I have to pay income tax over my rental revenue?

If you temporarily let you house via Airbnb or related rental platforms you must pay income tax over the annual profit. You declare 75% of the rental, the remaining 25% is tax-free,


How much can I earn?

De revenue of the rental depends on the type of house, the environment and the periods when you let. In Maastricht, the average rental price is €71.- per night. National holidays, event days and the holiday period are attractive periods to let your house. The rental prices are also higher in the weekend than on normal work days. We like to assist you to set the right tariff. So, you will have a high occupancy for the highest possible price. This way you achieve the maximum revenue with the least efforts.


What is the difference between Airbnb and Webnb?

Webnb is an additional service, we are no booking channel and we do not compete with Airbnb. Airbnb and Webnb benefit from each other without there being an official cooperation.


Do you charge for your service provision?

As landlord, you will never make any costs with Webnb. You receive 80% of the rental revenue. 20% of the rental revenue will be deducted by us for the work activities that we perform We do not charge starting costs and when your house is not let, there are no cost obligations.


When will I get paid?

Before the 1st of the month we will pay the rental revenues from the previous month.

Depending on your bank this money will be added to your account the same day or no later than 3 working days.


How do I have to deliver my house?

The house should be delivered clean. We like to receive 3 sets of spare keys, the Wi-Fi codes and possible other important information about the house. You house should also be delivered Fire proof. This means that you should ensure for sufficient smoke alarms, good maintenance of the gas cooker and an escape route, among other things. If you are not in the mood or you do not have the time to clean your house, you can book extra cleaning with us from €45.- (depending on the size of your house). After the rental, we will ensure that your house is delivered again, looking spotless!


What about any disturbance?

To exclude disturbance as much as possible, we jointly prepare a desired guest profile. We will only accept bookings from guests that fall within this profile. Plus, at all times we will make agreements regarding the house rules during the check-in and we will make sure that these are observed. In case of any disturbance we will immediately respond.


How do I get insight into my bookings?

You will also be provided with log in details so you can always review your bookings.


Can I enter my house interim?

We make agreement with guests regarding privacy. Therefore, it is not possible to enter the house during their stay. In case of emergency we can consult the guests to see if an exception can be made.


With rental during the sale of your house we can make agreement for fixed days when the house is available for viewings and such.


Can I terminate the rental?

In case of emergency the rental can be terminated after consultation. However, this might involve costs depending on the number of outstanding bookings.

Am I insured?

You are insured for theft, vandalism and liability via Airbnb for an amount up to 800,000. Art and cash are not covered by this insurance. Furthermore, in a number of cases your content, house and liability insurance continues during incidental rental. Please consult the policy conditions of your insurance.


Tip: Although you are insured up to €800,000 (at Airbnb) it is always wise to store valuable and personal belongings. For example, you can place stickers on cabinets that are private or to make sure you can always lock a room or cabinet.


What about pets?

Pets should be taken to an animal pension or elsewhere.


Who can I contact when I have questions?


You will be appointed one contact person, you can contact him/her for questions. In most cases this person is also the contact person for the guests that stay in your house.